VOY Supports Skycatcher With Investment in Stratosphere Games

A team led by Johannes Steinacher advised existing investor Skycatcher on the latest financing round of Stratosphere Games.

The EUR 3M financing round was led by Riot Games, 1Up Ventures, and Skycatcher. In addition, the company received a grant from the German Games Fund. Stratosphere Games is using the money on the development of a cooperative looter-shooter named Desolation.

About Skycatcher

Skycatcher is an investment management firm with a single, relentless mission: to invest in building the next generation of the Internet - the Internet of digital worlds. This can mean the metaverse, virtual worlds, digital assets, blockchains, or video games - however you define them, Skycatcher believes digital worlds will overtake analog worlds in the coming decades. This shift will transform the Internet from one in which users simply consume information to one where value creation becomes borderless, and engagement is deeply intertwined with our social lives.

About Stratosphere Games

Berlin-based Stratosphere Games is a nearly 70-person strong game development studio formed by gaming veterans from Splash Damage, Wargaming, Huuuge Games, Nexon, Smilegate and Ubisoft. Stratosphere Games works with partners worldwide to deliver AAA-quality MMO games for mobile devices and beyond. Backed by their own development architecture, FRAMEWORK, we create next-gen experiences for your pocket, with a strong focus on high-end production values, leading-edge multiplayer features, innovate engagement and retention elements.

About VOY

VOY is a law firm and tax consultancy for founders and investors creating a digital client experience that focuses on adding value with direct and uncomplicated legal advice of the highest quality.

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