This is André

Say hi to André. He is one of VOY's founders, our notary and loves to travel the world.

Hi, André! Thank you for taking the time. Let us begin by describing your beginnings in law.

I grew up in Berlin and studied law at Freie Universität in Berlin. During my studies, I joined the Erasmus program in Madrid. I am glad for this experience because it pushed me out of my comfort zone. After law school, I did my clerkship at Kammergericht Berlin.

Sounds exciting! What was the most unforgettable thing during that time?

I got an internship in New York and could only afford a hotel room for the first two nights. Because I was busy studying for my second state exam, I had no time to find an apartment before I arrived. So there I was, just me and my two suitcases in a hotel room in New York. The next days I experienced typical things of New York apartment hunting: Flats without windows and housemates who lectured me about respect.

Luckily, I was accepted for an apartment the day I checked out of my hotel room. After that, I had the most wonderful time and now look back to that moment with a huge smile.

As a founder of VOY, can you please share a bit on how the firm was started?

My co-founders and I met on a rainy day at a bus station, conspiring to create a law firm that feels different to us. After gaining experience at large and other boutique law firms, we longed for a change. That change was a law firm we identify ourselves with and call modern. During many meetings in our kitchens and living rooms, VOY turned from an idea into a real business, and here we are two years later.

Seeing how the idea grows, evolves, and becomes successful brings so much joy. It is exciting to be part of this journey.

What is a typical day at VOY for you?

Usually, I work on different projects with different clients. All projects are differently demanding. Some take the whole day and must be tackled as a team; others I solve with a short email. Most days, my plans change, and I have to reorganize my schedule. This is quite challenging, but the positivity of my clients and the determination to drive a project forward make it up for me.

How do you manage these complex and unexpected situations?

Good communication. Keeping calm and thinking about different possibilities to cope with challenging situations is essential.

What do you like about VOY?

We focus on creating a beneficial and reliable setting for our team and clients. The team must involve people with a similar drive to serve clients successfully.

I love working in this area because you are faced with young energizing people and their creative ideas every day.

Is there a particular skill you bring to work?

I am a notary and support our clients as a lawyer and with notarial services such as buying a company or selling real estate.

Is there a specific way you start your day?

I usually work out in the morning and drink coffee. Then I start by working from home, make some calls, and continue my day working in the office.

How do you balance out your work?

I enjoy every kind of ball sport. It feels like reasonable compensation if you had a long day in the office.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Hopefully, in the Bahamas.

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