VOY Supports SAIZ with Pre-Seed Financing Round

SAIZ, an innovative AI-based sizing and fitting software, has raised a high six-figure financing. A VOY team led by Lea Straube supported the company.

The first investment of the new VC fund Spread Ventures was joined by other business angels from the fashion and e-commerce industry and marks a milestone for the fashion tech future on the mission to reduce CO2.

About SAIZ
SAIZ's mission is to revolutionize the fashion industry with an AI-based solution: Reduce returns in the fashion industry, improve customer satisfaction, and promote sustainability. Having previously founded their own fashion label, the two female founders have used their experience in the fashion industry to use AI and data analytics to create an innovative sizing and fit solution for the e-commerce and fashion industry, which they have developed with major brands and online retailers. As a first solution, SAIZ creates product-specific 3D measurements for each garment and matches them to the customer's body measurements.

About Spread Ventures
Spread Ventures is the first European early-stage venture fund to focus on pre-seed and seed investments in fashion technology companies, supporting them with operational industry expertise from the e-commerce and print-on-demand business. The fund is a subsidiary of Spread Group, a technology-driven global provider of next-generation personalized fashion and lifestyle products. Spread Ventures supports and invests in technology-based start-ups with new solutions for a more sustainable fashion and e-commerce industry.

About VOY
VOY is a law firm and tax consultancy for founders and investors creating a digital client experience that focuses on additional value with direct and uncomplicated legal advice of the highest quality.

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