VOY Supports AENU With Investment in Alcemy

Johannes Steinacher advised impact investor AENU with an investment in climate-tech startup alcemy.

The Berlin-based startup alcemy received EUR 10M for its Series A funding from AENU, Galvanize Climate Solutions, as well as construction and real estate investors such as BitStone Capital, MOMENI Ventures and E.R. Capital Holding.

The funding round was completed by additional investments from Tobias Nendel, the Flixbus founders, as well as all existing investors such as EF, La Famiglia, Firstminute Capital and LocalGlobe.

The funds will be used to facilitate the growth of the software development team for machine learning, establish a sales team, and expand further.

About AENU

AENU, the impact fund of the brothers Ferry and Fabian Heilemann, is an evergreen impact fund that invests multi-stage in climate-tech and social impact companies in the EU & US. AENU drives systemic transformation in venture capital towards impact, accessibility and stakeholder-alignment.

About alcemy

The Berlin-based startup alcemy was founded in 2018 by Leopold Spenner and Dr. Robert Meyer. The company uses machine learning and control technology to predict the quality properties of cement and concrete. Through robust data and smart algorithms, alcemy offers relevant insights along the entire value chain in real time for higher quality, lower production costs and CO2 savings in an emission-intensive industry.

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