This is Frederik

Say hi to Frederik. He works as a research assistant, is our first employee and loves to meditate in his free time.

Hi, Frederik, great talking today. Please tell us a bit about your background?

I moved to Berlin after I finished high school and studied law at the FU Berlin.
Being creative has always been a big part of my life. At some point during my education, I began to question how to combine creativity with a job in the legal profession. Joining the team of VOY was a total game changer for me. I recognized that the legal field offers many opportunities to be creative when thinking about the perfect solutions to advise clients. It's about creating new pathways for our clients to walk on.

At VOY we shape the future with young people, that need support implementing their big ideas.

What exactly are you doing at VOY?

I'm working as a research assistant being involved in the whole process. I wanted to work after years of studying. Here I'm doing more than just helping with background research. For example, I can provide input or help with strategy development.

How exactly did you end up at VOY?

Last year, I’ve gained an insight into the start-up “bubble” of Berlin. I learned about the drive and creative power which this area provides. I realized that I would like to enter this start-up scene as a lawyer with knowledge in law and finance. Most founders have unallocated creativity, but need support with entrepreneurial basic knowledge to be successful in a business world. I came across VOY through a simple Google search, applied, we had brunch and chatted. And here I am.

Is there something special about your work that you particularly enjoy?

I think what I like the most is getting the feedback of good support with doing research or providing good thoughts for a solution of a case. At VOY, even as a research assistant, you’re an equal part of the team.

Are there any special skills you’re bringing into work?

I'm a people-person, I love talking to new people and get to know them. And I think this is something which helps me, because I want to give clients the feeling of being understood.

I want to find the solution for each problem.

Is there a specific way of how you’re starting the day?

I definitely need some time for myself in the morning. I often work out, read something or just meditate.

Do you do something specific in your free time as a balance to the daily work routine?

I actually love going to the movies. Sometimes just by myself and with a bucket of popcorn.

What’s happening next in your life?

In September I’m moving to Madrid to do my LL.M. which will give me the opportunity to gain more entrepreneurial knowledge related to law. I think I can see myself in this field in the future and maybe here at VOY. Let's see what the future holds.

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